Causes Of Premature Ejaculation In Men

The causes of ejaculation in men are often grouped into two broad groups which is that the psychological factor and therefore the biological factor. These two factors are the main reason why lot of men are suffering from premature ejaculation problems. Here in this article we are going to look at the two groups and the solution for them.

The Two Main Factors That Causes Premature Ejaculation In Men

Psychological Factors

When considering this factors which are also known as temporary cause here are certain aspect to look at

Anxiety; is one of the major reason why majority of men do not last longer time in bed is as a result of too such of thought about sex thereby stimulating the sexual hormone in the body and during sex due to the fact that the hormone has been stimulated thus lead to early climaxing most of the time.Checkout 조루증치료 for Korean.

Tiredness; as a result of too much of work activities in work place can also lead to less performance or early ejaculation in men

Argument between partners is another source that can cause rapid ejaculation thus it is advisable to resolve all forms of argument before sex.

if there is any problem the man is going through in place of work such has stress this can as well cause early ejaculation in men

Biological factors

This include untreated sexual transmitted diseases or partially treat sexual diseases

High blood pressure, kidney failure, obesity, heart problems all of this medical condition can as well cause rapid ejaculation in man. In fact the medical or biological factors are more severe compare to psychological one.조루증치료Available in Korean.

What are the main cures for premature problems

Since we have known the causes of premature ejaculation in men it very important to look at appropriate solution. Here are list of solution for both psychological and biological factors.

For untreated sexually transmitted disease, the man should see a medical doctor that will prescribe drugs that will help in curing the venereal diseases.

Use of condom is another very good method in dealing with rapid ejaculation problem. The use of condom is very safe, cheap and there is no side effect to it. In addition it serves as a protective means against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies in most case. But lot of men go against the use of condom just because most of them complain that they don’t get the desired pleasure when compare to having sex with the use of condom, nevertheless is the best and safest method so far.

Use of desensitize spray and cream; what you should know using this method is that it does not bring about permanent solution to rapid climaxing, it is a quick fix measure which only work for the moment that is been put to use. And also spray and the use of cream can cause skin reaction and irritation which another disadvantage using this method

Another option to fast climaxing is the use of herbal plant, this method is cheap and very affordable, there is no negative side effect attached to the use of herb but it take lots of time to see significant result from using this method thus one need to be very patient when taking herbs as a mean of cure to premature ejaculation.

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